• 2018 Nominations & Election Information

  • The Opportunity
    Serving as a Fountain Valley Chamber Director is an exceptional opportunity to help foster the continued growth and development of a highly respected organization. While serving as a Board Director requires both commitment and energy, it is a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity and a great way to give something back to the community.

    • Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings and as assigned
    • Vote on issues concerning Chamber operations and positions
    • Attend as many Chamber functions as feasible
    • Perform duties as requested by the Chairman of the Chamber Board
    • Support the Chamber both financially and through volunteer efforts

    Directors’ Fiduciary Responsibility
    All directors have a fiduciary responsibility to the Chamber, meaning that they are accountable 
    for every financial decision made. Thus, it is extremely important that Directors ask questions of 
    the Treasurer and the Chairperson in order to fully understand the Chamber’s finances.
    The Chamber carries D&O insurance to protect you.

    Board Composition
    The corporate powers, business and affairs of the corporation shall be exercised, conducted and controlled by a Board of Directors consisting of fourteen (14) members of the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce; An executive committee shall be empowered to transact all business of the Corporation between Board of Directors meetings, except for those acts specifically reserved for the Board and Membership. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Chairperson, Chairperson-Elect, Immediate Past Chairperson and Treasurer.

    Board Candidate Qualifications and Requirements
    All newly elected board members will become full voting members of the board at the regular November meeting.  

    Term:  3 years or the remainder of an unexpired term.

    Meetings:  The Board meets the third Tuesday of every month except when occasions arise that they need to be changed. The Board also holds an annual retreat in a month to be determined. Lunch is served at 11:45am and meetings begin at noon and end at approximately at 1:30pm.

    The Nomination and Selection Process
    The nominating committee is tasked with selecting, vetting, and putting forth Board of Directors candidates for the upcoming board elections each year. They will review all board member applications to determine the most appropriate candidates for the ballot.  They must consider the categories of membership and geographical areas that require representation.  Additionally, they must consider the value that the potential candidates can bring to the board of directors, and to the membership, based on the applicant's background, involvement, and level of commitment. The nominating committee presents a slate of nominees to the Chamber board and after review, to the Chamber membership.

    A typical schedule is:
    • Nomination Slate deadline-mid September
    • Slate reviewed-late September
    • Self-nominations-mid-October
    • Slate mailed to membership-late October
    • Results announced at November luncheon

    If you are interested in serving on the Chamber Board of Directors please fill out the application for the Board of Directors. The application will then be reviewed by the Chamber’s Nominating Committee. In order for the Nominating Committee to attain the best slate of candidates we do ask that each applicant please complete the application in full. The application does not guarantee a nomination, but if chosen, the Chamber and the Board of Directors wants to offer all candidates a rewarding opportunity and make the most of their special talents and expertise for the benefit of the entire Chamber.

  • Upcoming Events


    Deadlines per bylaws are as follows:

          Sept 15: Application Deadline

                          Slate Published

    October 13: Self-Nominate

    • Scenario 1: If there are no self-nominating candidates (e.g. the number of candidates running is either less than or equal to the number of open positions), no ballot is necessary and the board will deem them elected at its October meeting.
    • Scenario 2: If there are more candidates running than there are open positions: Ballot prepared and mailed listing the nominating committee slate at the top and self-nominated candidates listed below in alphabetical order, with clear instruction on the ballot to vote for no more than the number of open positions and clear instructions on how to return the ballots to the Chamber office on October 20, 2017.


    Nov 9: Ballot Return

    Nov 13: Count of mail-in/ fax-in/ hand delivered ballots. No election at the annual meeting.